Are you ready to vote?

The virtual gallery is on line and you can now express your preferences on the works that compete in RomArt 2015.

it is very simple to do this: just click and register by entering a few data, then visit the Virtual Gallery and assign your votes with I LIKE. Everyone can express preferences for more works but can only assign only one vote for each individual work.

I LIKE YOUR ART is an award assigned, in this way, by a diverse audience composed of art lovers, buyers, friends, gallery owners, operators and there will be a winner by general acclamation. Winning “I LIKE YOUR ART” will mean entering into the minds and hearts of visitors, even of those who can “be there” even though, in reality at that time, they are on the other side of the world.

RomArt 2015 is really the ART from all over the world.