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The event

Rome, the Italian capital, in its futuristic fairgrounds will host from the 15 to the 18 May 2015 the 1st edition of RomArt, International Biennial of Art and Culture.
The most great Mediterranean capital will become, in those days, the cradle of International Art giving host to Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Photography, Video and Digital Art, and many other forms of Art.
Old and new talents, the result of a careful selection by the Scientific Committee, will expose their works in about 17,000 square meters. The pavilion will be properly equipped for a great event of worldwide importance.
In the exhibition center, among the largest and most accredited in Europe, built by Tommaso Valle, and with its strategic position in the center of Italy, we will see developing important connections between old and new markets, old and new worlds.
Artists from all over the world will give rise to an event that is destined to become something to remember.

The location

Roma Fair is a complex built in 2006 and it boasts the best modern and functional structural works. Its column-free pavilions with the most advanced technologies are rectangular, wired, conditioned, equipped with wi-fi, bars, restaurants and services.
The pavilions are connected by a 6-metre high walkway, which allow access from above to all pavilions and this access from the top makes the show for the visitors exciting from the first impact.
In any pavilion, closely connected with the exhibition, there is a conference center that allows all exhibitors, after a suitable advance reservation at the secretariat, to make conferences and / or presentations.
The exhibition center is served by a railway station with no-stop trains to and from Rome Tiburtina. It also has bank branches, tobacconist’s s and newsstands.
Furthermore the near Fiumicino international airport facilitates the participation of
visitors from foreign countries.

I numeri dell’evento

12.000 square meters of exhibition
5.000 works
24 awards
8 sections
3 juries

Supported by

Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale


Città di Roma

Regione Lazio


Prize “ROMART 2015”

(The Technical Jury)

The awards listed below will be awarded to the winner of each section and will be offered by the organizer and / or by the sponsors; the names of the winners will be announced by January 31, 2015,

  • Painting € 2,000.00
  • Sculpture and Installation € 2,000.00
  • Photography € 2,000.00
  • Graphic € 2,000.00
  • Video and Digital Art € 2,000.00
  • Performance € 2,000.00


(The Virtual Jury)

This prize consists of a plaque and it will be awarded by a panel of virtual visitors who, through social networks connected to the corporate website RomArt 2015, will reward the artist who will collect the largest number of “I LIKE”. The prizes ceremony will take place during the event.


(The Emotional Jury)

This prize consists of a plaque and it will be assigned by the visitors of the exhibition to the artist who will receive more consensus. The vote will be expressed through the entrance ticket.

Special Prizes


offered by Sangiorgio Art Investments

This special award is reserved for those who will participate in the competition with at least two works, even in different sections, except for the Performance section. The prize consists of a free participation in a major international exhibition organized abroad in 2016, including outfitting, shipping of the works, and visibility on the website.


offered by Sangiorgio Art Investments

This special award is reserved for those who will participate in the competition with at least two works, even in different sections, except for the Performance section. The prize consists in obtaining a one-year contract with the Sangiorgio Art Investments Ltd., with inclusion in the special section “Exclusive Artists” The works of the winner will be promoted by the Sangiorgio Art Investments Ltd. This will be a great opportunity for the winner who will now have a way to become part of the national and international market through the important sales network of Sangiorgio Art Investments and its “Collectors Club“.


offered by Sangiorgio Art Investments

This special award is reserved for those who will participate in the competition with at least two works, even in different sections, except for the Performance section. The prize consists in the realization of a newspaper article, complete with biographical notes and the most significant photos of artist winner, which will be published in the first issue available of the magazine “Lagioiadell’Arte” published by Sangiorgio Art Investments Ltd.

These three prizes will be offered by Sangiorgio Art Investments Ltd., the sole judge of the prize.


offered by Marco Carpineti Wines

This special award was born from the idea to render protagonist the award-winning artist, inserting it in a market context different from that of the art, however, giving the artist a great visibility.  The winery MARCO CARPINETI, based in Cori (LT), is infact the only judge and sponsor of the award. Among all the works displayed at RomArt 2015 MARCO CARPINETI will identify a work, at its sole discretion, which will inspire a label that will be a symbol of one of its products. The winner will receive a solo exhibition at the showroom of the winery. Participation is limited to only the exhibiting artists in RomArt 2015 International Biennial of Art and Culture and is therefore not to be considered open to persons who have not passed the selection for admission.


The Technical Jury

The Technical Jury is made up of a pool of experts and practitioners who will give a technical opinion on the works on display, declaring a winner for each section admitted to the competition.

Fabio Donato

Fabio Donato

He is an important photographer and from 1970 he is constantly present in the sphere of art and culture of which he becomes an attentive witness. He participated in more than fifty exhibitions: among them we remind those at the Gallery Il Diaframma (Milan 1971 by Lanfranco Colombo), the Cantiere Sperimentale dell’Immagine (Florence 1978), Gallery Lucio Amelio (Naples 1979), Museo de Arte (Saint Paul, Brazil in 1981), Biennal Sala delle Colonne (Venice 1982), Italian Institute of Culture (Monaco of Bavaria in 1992), Gallery Studio Morra (Naples 1998), the Convent of St. Francis (Havana, Cuba in 1999)and the retrospective curated by the Fondazione Morra, (Museo di Capodimonte, Naples, Italy in 2007). Other important exhibitions are those of the Wanderer of the arts held in 2012 at PAN of Naples, curated by Maria Savarese, Troubles and Disorders at the Alexandria Biennale of Contemporary videographers, at the Citadel in Alexandria in 2011. He wrote numerous monographs and he is Professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Gallo Mazzeo

Francesco Gallo Mazzeo

He is a curator, a critic and a professor of art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, formerly director of the graduate program for the Academy of Fashion Designers in Palermo and consultant for the Catalogue of Modern Art edited by Mondadori since 1991.
He wrote on several newspapers such as “Sole 24 Ore”, the “Giornale di Sicilia”, the “Journal of the South” and “Sicily”. He currently writes on the economic newspaper “The Money”. He published books of criticism and art history, architecture and urbanism. He has curated exhibitions for the Museum of Sao Paulo and the Principality of Monaco.
He contributed to the Venice Biennale of 1993, to the exhibition of Francis Bacon and installations by Alessandro Mendini. In 2004 he was appointed Commissioner Italian at the International Biennial of Prague.
He is ‘President of the Association for the promotion of the works of Tano Festa of whom he presented the first volume of the catalogue. He has written the presentation of the first volume of the catalogue of Franco Angeli. It deals with the scientific Archives of Mimmo Germanà. In 2009 he was awarded the Premio Pirandello culture.
From now on he will be a lecturer at the Institute Pantheon in Rome for the course of Aesthetics of New Media and Latest Trends in Visual Arts.


Antonio Lagioia

He is the artistic director and founder of Sangiorgio Art Investments, a leader in the Italian and international art market.
The mission starts with the revolutionary idea of bringing Art at home, in a special way. He has a deep knowledge of modern and contemporary art and moreover he is the discoverer of new talents.
He accompanied the artistic path of painters and sculptors of great renown by establishing close relationships with their art and life: Aligi Sassu, Emilio Greco, Francesco Messina and Giacomo Manzu.
He founded, along with the art critic Paolo Levi, the “Movement of the Arcani” a cultural artistic movement which exhibited at the Venice Biennale, in London, in Rome at the Teatro dei Dioscuri at the Quirinale Palace, in prestigious galleries in Manhattan and Westchester, and acquired on permanent display at the National Museum of Lviv. When the Movement enters the United Nations Building in New York for an exhibition on human rights, Antonio Lagioia was the speaker at the opening ceremony, together with international authorities.
He is the creator of the magazine Lagioiadell’Arte and member of a committee of experts for the selection and promotion of new artistic talents. He has twenty-year of experience in organizing exhibitions and cultural events.

Francesco Miceli

Francesco Miceli

He lives in Palermo and is a lawyer with a great passion for collecting. Thanks to his love of art he can be defined as one of the most important Italian collectors with a keen eye for new talents, a feature essential for anyone who focuses on contemporary art.
The role of the collector is one of the key figures in the art world, as the recognition of an artist and his success often starts from that figure, sometimes even before the art dealers. Infact there are some cases in which collectors have brought some young talents to the attention of some merchants, determining thus the beginning of a process of cultural and economic development.

Enter the Jury vote!

Raffaele Irmici


The absolute correctness of the counting of the votes cast by the  Virtual Jury and by the  Emotional Jury is protected by a Guarantor . This role is played by the Lawyer Raffaele Irmici who, in addition to exercising the legal profession, has always cultivated a passion for art.

Raffaele Irmici

Raffaele Irmic is a Pugliese administrative Lawyer, a university teacher in publicity, and author of publications in health law and public employment. Engaged in training, including in the area of law and the management of the Art and Cultural Heritage.He is an enthusiast and collector of modern and contemporary art.

The Virtual Jury

The Virtual Jury is composed of virtual visitors of the web which, through a vote expressed on the site connected to social, award the prize I LIKE YOUR ART to those who receive the most votes ever.

The Emotional Jury

The Emotional Jury is composed of the visitors at the exhibition and will express their preferences through the admission ticket, obtained after registering on the site; they will assign the AUDIENCE AWARD at work most votes ever.

Works in competition


Join, you too, the Virtual Jury and vote for your favorite works, so you will contribute to award the prize I LIKE YOUR ART.
Be a judge is very simple: visit the virtual gallery on the website and, after registering with only a few moves, vote for your favorite works. But be careful because you can assign only one vote for each work, but you can express preferences for more works.
You can also vote for more sections without reservation and it will be engaging in monitoring the progress of the vote through our site.
The work that receives the most votes (likes) overall will be awarded on Monday, May 18, 2015 during the event.

Come on, enters and VOTE !!!


The layout of the entire exhibition space(17.000 square meters) will be taken care of by the organizer who will design and develop the areas. The artists that will require large display areas, may require, upon enrollment, single stands or other areas delimited for exclusive use.
In the latter case, the number and size of the works will be assessed and agreed with the secretariat to ensure compliance with safety standards and decent exposure.

Art is for everyone!

This is our motto, and it is for this reason why access to RomArt 2015 is free.

“Art is a common good, a solid foundation on which to build the culture and this applies to every place in which it is created. I am aware that, unfortunately, there are several structures, which provide art and culture, and which are nowadays self supporting. In Italy in particular, Government funds intended for such initiatives decrease more and more every day and this renders everything more difficult, but to contrast this we increase our commitment to allow the visit of an event like RomArt 2015, where the pathos of the works of artists who come from more than 40 nations must be affordable to everyone, is free “
Amedeo Demitry

In order to visit RomArt 2015 it is necessary to sign in and then print the ticket, automatically  sent to the e-mail address indicated at registration.
Each ticket allows the visit  to n. 2 adults; children, as long as accompanied by adults, don’t need any registration.

With the same ticket you can express your preference by voting for your favorite works, going to a special corner “Vote For Me” located inside the pavilion. You will thus be part of the Emotional Jury.



Amedeo Demitry
He is an Art advisor, a marketing manager and a curator. His twenty-years experience in the art market made him a reference point for many collectors; he discovered and promoted new talents. Eclectic and unstoppable he turned his love for art into his profession, focusing most of his work on the organization of major exhibitions and events even international. Of all we remember his art direction of “Art Expo Bari” editions 2012 and 2013 accompanied by side effects such as the anthology of Mario Sironi and Alchemy of Silence. Among the most important meetings that are marked his path, we also remember the collaboration with the Baroness Lucrezia De Domizio Durini and Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, with whom he worked for the exhibition “Emanuel Pimenta for John Cage”.



michela bertazzi
President of Artiamo Events which organizes the International Biennal of Art and Culture RomArt 2015, for over 15 years she has been working with the most important fair organizations contributing to the realization of Art fairs such as Art Verona, ArtePadova, Expoarte. Art consultant with an extensive knowledge of the international art world and specialized in media promotion she has long been working with the publisher Cairo Communication for magazines Arte and Antiquariato.

daniela maselli


Curator Assistant

gina demitry


Relazioni Enti ed Istituzioni

maurizio ciani


Relations Partners Assistant

Alessandra Savino



Catalogue Supervisor

Francesco Testone


He is a Scenographer and a Interior Design and works in the field of design since 1980. He has worked with various agencies and fine arts academies for art shows and performances. As theater director he has also curated the technical direction of the theater G.Curci Barletta since 1997. He is Professor of design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari and Lecce.He also curated the set-up of major arts events, such as the Art Expo Fiera in Bari (editions 2012 and 2013). He has also worked to the Xth National Arts Award held at Sala Murat and Theatre Margherita in Bari. He directed the historical re-enactment of the Challenge of Barletta for seven editions including that of 2014.

Tiziana Gorgoglione


She is a civil engineer specializing in structural design and management of security, especially with a deep and personal commitment to the art world . Such propensity, coupled with the professional preparation in the field of design, has made it possible to collaborate in the organization of exhibitions and events of great importance such as “Art Expo Bari” in the editions 2012 and 2013.


15 May 2015

Vernissage of RomArt 2015 with authorities

Open to the public

Closed to the public

16 may 2015

Open to the public


Presentation of Marco Tonelli’s book

Francis Bacon

Literary atmosphere

(De Luca Art Publishers)



Conference of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini


Nature Protection

and presentation of the homonymous book Published by LINDAU (Turin) 2015

to follow

Showing of

Beuys Frames

NO PROFIT (21minutes) made by Pierparide Tedeschi and Marco Ligabue
Production Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, selected at the Festival of New York in January 2015

Closing to the public

17 may 2015

Open to the public

Conference of Francesco Gallo Mazzeo

Monologue of the Beautiful and the Sublime


Video-conference by the artist Alain Amar

Art spiritual symbolism

Conference of Maurizio Cohen on the relationships between material and intangible

Trame Parole Facture

Debate between Aurelio Picca and Andrea Barzini on creative writing and his world.

Detti e Contraddetti

ore 20:00
Closing to the public

18 may 2015

ore 10:00
Open to the public

ore 13:00
Closing Romart 2015

Media Partner


  • Are you ready to vote?

    The virtual gallery is on line and you can now express your preferences on the works that compete in RomArt 2015. it is very simple to do this: just click and register... Read more

  • Art is for everyone!

    This is our motto, and it is for this reason why access to RomArt 2015 is free. In order to visit RomArt 2015 it is necessary to sign in and then print the ticket, automatically  sent to the e-mail... Read more

  • ROMART opens to Artistic Associations

    We inform all the artists that, after the numerous requests received at our office, it was decided to include the Artistic Associations among the participants in RomArt 2015. All artists belonging to... Read more



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From Roma Fiumicino airport, it is possible to reach Fiera Roma with the FR 1 train, Fiera di Roma stop (fare 8 euros), alternatively by taxi or Cotral buses.

From Tuscolana, Tiburtina, Ostiense train stations, which are connected to the A and B lines of the underground (Metropolitana) take the train FR 1 toward Fiumicino and get off at Fiera Roma stop. Fare 1 euro.

The address for INGRESSO EST (East entrance) is Via A.G. Eiffel (side street of Via Portuense), for the INGRESSO NORD (North entrance) is Via Portuense 1645-1647.
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The large outdoor area at the show is characterized by a large parking lot that can accommodate over 7000 cars, to which are added 1,100 parkings inside the area that can be made available to the exhibitors.

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