ROMA | Stadio di Domiziano
25 Nov 2017 - 10 Gen 2018

The subscriptions to RomArt 2017 are open until September 30th 2017 to all artists without distinction of age, sex and nationality, for the categories below:








All interested parties will be able to apply for the registration form by paying the registration fee of EUR 5.90. After enrollment, each candidate will be able to submit up to a maximum of two works (also belonging to different categories), which will then be submitted to the screening and the unquestionable judgment of the Scientific Committee, which will proceed to a selection, with closed number , of 150 works.


The 150 selected will be provided with all the necessary informations regarding the contribution to be paid for the amount of € 540.00 valid for the whole exhibition (from 24 November 2017 to January 10, 2018) as well as for the Awarding prizes for each section. In case of waivers, the first "unselected" will be replayed, following the order of the jury rating.

Participating artists will then have to send their works phisically to the Rome office of the organization, which will arrange the transfer on site, arranging the set up. Therefore, the artist's presence during the exhibition period will not be necessary in order to facilitate the travel and stay costs. The cost of transport of the works will be borne by the participant, which can only be done by means of a courier contracted with the organization of RomArt 2017 - at reduced cost - to the office agreed with the secretary, as well as transport insurance. The RC insurance coverage throughout the stay on display will be borne by the organization. All the details are available within the Rules.

The selection will be made by the Scientific Committee and to all 150 selected will be asked to send an e-mail, containing a detailed description of the selected works and their curriculum vitae, necessary for the creation of a personalized artistic profile, which will be essential for the Exhibition tour route. From the closing of the selection, two completely accessible galleries will be available on the website: the first reserved for the 150 selected works and the second for all the participants that had candidate their works for the competition. Both will be open and accessible online until June 30, 2019. Among the 150 works selected and displayed on the show, will be awarded the prizes that can be consulted in the PRIZES section. The assignment is subject to the unquestionable opinion of the Technical Jury.

The prizes will be awarded on the evening of November 24th, 2017, during the inauguration ceremony.

NOTE: the selection phase will be ONLY ONLINE. Therefore, only the 150 artists selected for the exhibition must send the chosen work, following the instructions sent to them by the organizing secretariat.

* All cash prizes will be operated, as per law, with a tax deduction of 25% as a tax.