ROMA | Stadio di Domiziano
25 Nov 2017 - 10 Gen 2018



“ROMART 2017” Award

(Assigned by Technical Jury)

The technical jury will award the prize of € 2500,00 (two thousand and five hundred) to the winners of each of the following categories. The award is offered by Canova srl.

  • Painting

  • Sculpture and installation

  • Photography

  • Graphics, Video e Digital Art 

"INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION" AWARD (Special Award, unique for all sections)

(Assigned by  Canova srl)

To the winner of this special prize will be offered the opportunity to participate for free to an important international exhibition organized abroad from the year 2018. The prize is offered by Canova srl that will be responsible for shipping, construction, and communication costs.

“ART BUSINESS" Award (Special award, unique for all sections)

(Assigned by Canova srl)

The Art Business prize will consist in the midst of a one-year contract with Canova srl - possibly renewable - for the promotion and sale of works realized by the winning artist.
A great opportunity for the winner that will thus have access to the national and international market.




To be updated about news and prizes in competition