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25 Nov 2017 - 10 Gen 2018


Frank Stassar

Masculine Rome


Maschile Roma

Masculine Rome

Maschile Roma comes from a project I have worked on for several years with Media and Theatre secundairy school kids, Dept Media & Theater/Haarlem College/Holland.It is derived from the kubofuturistic play/performance/opera " the victory over the Sun from the russian artists Malevich, kruchenykh and Matyushin. First performed 1913 St persburg. It is based on Alogical Zaum language and is about the fight agains conentionalism and dogma in which the sun symbolises this dogma. A fight worth fighting but impossible to win.... During four years I have worked with different kids on different interpretations of it, shooting footage. all the time
With this footage I feel free to edit any alogical image I want as the utmost interpretation of the play. I work togethet, of course, with young kids with whom i want to share this important message,Choreographer/dancer Rens Borkent, writer/director Jacques Brooijmans and Vincent Lobe.
For this piece, among other music, I have used fragments of 1999 composition of composer Jeremy Arden. He created music for a 1999 version of the play in London. It was never performed there. He granted me the use of it.


He considers himself a digital artist, a sculptor of weightless moving sculptured male and female bodies or as a 21st century renaissance painter of characters. With the means of today and tomorrow. Quoting, antidating and combining, then creating new images with new meaning, but not a fixed oneway meaning. Great abstraction is within the works of painters as Caravaggio,Titiaan, Zurbaran, Rubens, Rembrandt, El Greco, Velasquez, Goya and a lot of others, capturing the essence of human interaction in a still moment which expresses the timeless importance of the awareness of a before and after, as well as during.... the absolute abstraction of realism. As an artist and a teacher people (a school for example) work with him for an indefinite period in different ways in which he creates an environment for making these moving paintings as a result of art, theatre, choreography, poetry literature and sound, among others coming together as interpretations and quotes in a new meaning. Mental weightlessness is an issue he thrives for and in this way images can be words or created by words as well. So can the digital photo or videoworks transform into a. Zaum poem-like combination of words and images he wants to work on. The image goes back in universal symbols of (meta)language which allows the reader or listener to become a watcher of his own skies. Lineair Understanding is slightly overestimated


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